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Monday, 11-Feb-2008 04:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
exam weeks


terpatahkan ruler yg umurnye nak dekat 5tahun.byk berjase since form 5.. otsukaresamadeshita~ and sayounara....

hampir ke situ- mendua

Aku sadar bukan mudah
Untuk mengejar mimpi indah
Pernah suatu ketika dulu
Ku punya harapan besar
Kini aku tak pasti
Dapatkan ku miliki

Sudah jauh kita tempuh
Kekalkanlah impian lalu
Mungkin ada hikmat
Yang akan menunggu
Di penghujung jalan
Biar nanti kecewa
Setidak-tidaknya mencuba

Thursday, 31-Jan-2008 14:54 Email | Share | | Bookmark
aoku yasashiku- kobukuro

aoku yasashiku - kobukuro

あの日の夢を 今もずっと 追いかけ続けていたら
今頃僕は どこにいて 何をしていたんだろう....

心の叫びなど 誰にも聞こえない
だから笑うんだよ 涙が出るんだよ だから輝くんだよ
自分らしさを探して 誰かの真似もしてみた
何かが違うんだよ 誰にも聞けないんだよ それでも探して行きゃいいんだ

今よりずっと蒼く 優しく見えた空
何を忘れたんだろう(忘れたんだろう) 何を憶えたんだろう(覚えたんだろう)
あの日よりずっと蒼く 強く信じた空
踏み出せなかったあの道は 今どこに

あの日の僕が ずっと待ってた 心の行き止まりで
少しだけ話を聞いてくれるかい 少しだけ休んでもいいかい

Saturday, 26-Jan-2008 14:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
photo tag but tak kene tagged

tgk ade photo-tag menarik kat page bell, so trase nk buat wlaupun tak di tagged..

1.the most recent picture of you

When was this taken?
new year's eve
Who took it?
me or nas..not sure
Where was it taken?
hard rock's cafe, roppongi

2.a pictuRe of u making peace sign

Is this picture in colour?

Are your nails painted in the picture?
nope.that weekdays were so busyy~

3. A picture with your friend.

Who are you with?
25 of them actually..so malas nk tulis sumer...

4. A picture of u in a weird/rand0m place

where were u?
the road in front of my house in KL ...with my childhood/bestfren/soulmate

rase gmbar nih cm best..nagoya trip 2007

5. a picture of u in black and white

Did you edit this picture to black and white or did you take it like that?
took it like this =)

Do you like black and white or color pictures better?
colorful is the best

6. a picture of you hair up or spike up
takde dlm koleksi
Do you like your spike up?
tak best
Is it in a ponytail, pigtails, etc.?
mengerbang =p

7. y0ur weird face

Is your face more funny or just straight up scary?
definitely funny!! tgh menggedik2 dgn mereka!

8. A picture of y0u wearing black

9. A picture of u weAring rEd

baru perasan xde baju merah nye gmbar...jaket merah kire ok lah kann...

10. A picture of y0u wEaring gReen

11. A pictuRe of y0u with y0ur hAlloween coStume

baju tdo kire costume lah kan... tak celebrate halloween maa....

12. A picture of yOu with y0ur mOuth opEn

unintentionally terbukak mulut.... looongggg stooooryyyy..hahahaha

Tuesday, 21-Aug-2007 18:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
summer 2007

View all 22 photos...
the results of this summer's holiday are aching feet, skin burn and un-surprisingly zero bank account.yes, not forgetting, the warmth welcome that was received from the mie people. this summer changed the way i felt towards myself, some other people and also the way i look at my life. not exactly wonderful, but memorable. well, at the very least, i accept the way life works itself, not in big denial about life, loving it, and still trying to cherish everything that still left in my life, and yet, b very grateful.
neway,enjoy the pics.

Tuesday, 3-Jul-2007 12:33 Email | Share | | Bookmark
kanazawa taikai

rombongan konvoi yamanashi
penyokong2 yg menyokong ...
nih sokong badminton plak
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kanazawa taikai, or in other word means kanazawa sports day! haha..it's the yearly event of hokuriku sports day, and me the outsider, decided to join and watch them,to see my friends and just have a plain fun! neway, i had a really great fun, and got the chance to be reunited with my roommates sisters..ahhh..what a memory

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